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The Newport Fishermen's Wives is a non-profit corporation of fishermen's wives, mothers, daughters, and friends, supporting a strong sense of community helping to further the causes of industry, safety, seafood education, and family support.
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Executive Board Members



Amber Lynn Taunton

Cari Brandburg


Taunette Dixon



Kalli Borden




Tracy Bohne











Volunteer coordinator

Tina McAlpine








Melinda Taylor

Morris Paranto



Connie Kennedy

Jillian Hibbs

Member Profiles

Taunette Dixon

My name is Taunette Dixon and I am the Co-President of Newport Fishermen's Wives. I manage most aspects of NFW’s social media, community communications, media, website and if you call us I am most likely who you will talk to, but not always. My roles have been changing over the last few years with the huge influx of dynamic women that have joined the group. We have added more programs, events and fundraisers, all led by women that want to better their community and industry while forming lasting bonds with each other. The women in this group are now like family to me and I suggest to anyone trying to navigate the difficulties of being in a fishing family or want to volunteer your time in the community  to try this group, we welcome all. 

    My first involvement in NFW's was when I was first married in the early 90's, I had two small children and a husband that was fishing in Alaska for at least 9 1/2 months out of the year. I had very little spare time on my hands so I started small by just helping NFW's infrequently at functions like local fishermen's funerals, bringing and helping to serve food as a support to the families. That small deed took on a whole new meaning to me when my grandfather passed and NFW's came in and helped my family during his memorial, that helping hand meant so much to my family and I. Later as my children got older I started going to meetings and eventually I became a board member. After I became an empty nester I found myself with the time and ability to commit a larger role to the group. I truly love this group, the women in it and the community that we serve.

I come from a four generational fishing family, as does my husband. We have deep roots in this community, the community outreach aspect of this group is what drew me in. My favorite program and involvement in this amazing group has been administering The Clifford and Dorothy Hall Scholarship Fund, this is a fund that I started and was named for my Grandparents. Scholarships are given out through Newport Fishermen's Wives to students with direct family members in the fishing industry in Lincoln County and Unalaska, both communities that my grandparents and the rest of our family have fished out of, called home and we have had children utilize each school district. My Grandparents were by far my best tutors in the importance of community service. NFW's started creating a calendar and all proceeds from that calendar go directly into the scholarship fund

My husband Kevin Dixon still fishes out of Alaska running the "F/V Seeker" but happily not nearly as much. We recently lost the boat we owned "F/V Corsair" to the sea, this boat had been in his family for over 40 years. After almost two years of searching we finally bought a replacement boat, the "F/V Tauny Ann" and we love her. My son Kaino is a talented welder and graphic designer but the call of the sea runs deep in his blood so he is currently also fishing with his father. My daughter Kalli is becoming more involved with NFW's and is an executive board member and a newlywed thats husband is currently also a commercial fisherman.

Our community is a better place thanks to groups like Newport Fishermen's Wives and I'm super proud to be a small part of it.


Amber Lynn Taunton

Amber grew up in Waldport and spent most of her adult life in Astoria. She moved back to the area in 2009 when she met her husband Neil. 

Neil has been a commercial fisherman for over forty years crabbing out of Newport and fishing in Alaska. Amber has three grown daughters, two grown step sons and four grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Her world is filled with projects.  Amber enjoys designing home interiors, tiling, wiring, painting, gardening, sewing and pretty much anything creative.

 Her painting skills have come in handy when faced with a never ending pile of buoys each year at the beginning of crab season.

 She occasionally find herself persuaded into filling in on deck as the bait girl during crab season or for an end of the season black cod

 trip to Alaska.


Amber loves the fishing community and is so happy to be a part of it.  Joining NFW was an obvious choice for her, as she wanted to be a part of giving back to the

 community especially in supporting our fishing families. She has been involved  with NFW since 2016. Amber looks forward to many more years with this 

amazing group of women she is happy to call her friends.

Tina McAlpine




I am fairly new to the Newport Fishermen's Wives and feel honored to be voted in as secretary this past year.  I love working with this amazing group of smart strong women!  And I am excited to work on future projects with them. 


My uncle was a commercial fisherman and my dad fished a couple seasons with him.  My dad was most know for his welding work on the fishing vessels. I remember visiting the docks and seeing the boats he was working on and being nervous I would fall off the dock into the water.  I now know the docks are stable.


After high school I moved into the valley for a few years.  I have two amazing kids!  I worked as a receptionist at a health clinic after both my kids were in school.   Six years ago I met up with my now husband who is a Deck Boss/Captain.  I moved back here 4 years ago to be with him and I am so happy to be back home.  I now work from home as a quilter, mom and dog mom.  



    My name is Kalli Borden and I have been a part of Newport Fishermen’s Wives since I can remember. Some of my favorite memories of when I was young are at NFW’s events and some of my favorite people are women that my mom has grown close with through volunteering in NFW’s. As soon as I was old enough to serve food or clean up I was doing it with one of my closest friends and fellow NFW’s kid Siobhan Kennedy at NFW’s events. My NFW’s roots go back as far as my great-grandmother’s Mohava Niemi and Dorothy Hall, both big supporters of Newport Fishermen’s Wives. I am the fourth generation from both my mom and my dad’s side to make our living at commercial fishing. My Great-grandfather’s, Grandfathers, Father, Brother, Uncles, cousins all have made their living as Commercial Fishermen and now my husband Chandler is also out at sea. So, the decision to become a Newport Fishermen’s Wives Board member was an easy one. I have always loved this group and the women in it and I want to teach my children the rewards of giving back to your community just like my mom taught me.

Kalli Borden



Sara Skamser



My name is Sara Skamser and I moved to oregon from Wisconsin in 1977. I worked as a welder building box cars in Portland and then for awhile with the Forest Service out of Mollalla and then on a Union Tugboat the "TYEE" on the Columbia and Snake rivers barging commodities.


I moved to Newport a couple of years later and worked as a welder with a local company building and fixing fishing vessels.


When Spring came I left Welding behind and became a Salmom fisherman. I was a deckhand on three different vessels fishing Salmon and Crab and a short stint on a dragger.


Fishing was a hit and miss for money so I found myself working at a local netshop building nets, starting in 1980, this was year around work. The same time I got together with my bestfriend, partner and handsome husband John Skamser who was a Salmon and Tuna fisherman with his own boat.


By 1984 I helped open a branch office for the netshop I was working for on Kodiak Island. I managed to leave my mark while I was there and became the Unlimited Womens Division Arm Wrestling Champion of Kodiak Island that year.


By August I was back in Newport and John and I opened up Foulweather Trawl. We have been building and modifying Shrimp, Drag, and Midwater gear for up to 60 to 70 vessels up and down the coast and Alaska since we opened the doors. We take great pride in being able to offer up the top quality gear that our Fishermen need to ply the beautiful deep blue watersof the Pacific Ocean and bring in the best seafood in the world.


I have also been a member of Newport Fishermen's Wives for the past dozen years. First a helpful soldier and then President and now Treasurer. These women are unbelievably resilient and strong and I am grateful everyday for having made my way to the Coast all those years ago.

Lalori Lager

Scott and Lalori Lager own Celestial Seafood, LLC. Celestial Seafood is located in Toledo, Oregon and supplies crab and cold storage to the local fishing community. She joined the Newport Fishermen's Wives seven years ago when they owned the F/V Eclipse. When Scott sold the Commercial Fishing boat Lalori knew that her connections to the NFW would continue as it is an important part of their family and the community. Their goal is to sell high quality affordable bait to the fishing community.
Lalori has a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology and owns a counseling agency that has locations in Lincoln and Lane Counties. She sits on numerous community boards, and contracts to the State of Oregon, Lincoln County Drug and Hope Court, Department of Corrections, and DHS Child Welfare. She also is the Chair of the Local Alcohol and Drug Planning Committee, and on the Pacific Communities Hospital Foundation Board.
Scott and Lalori have three children. Karisa, Dakota and Dayton. Karisa graduated from Oregon State last June, 2018 and Dakota will graduate from Oregon State this June, 2019.
Dayton is seven years old and loves “hanging” with dad at the cold storage warehouse were he has an indoor basketball hoop



Cassandra Rohrberg

  Hi there, my name is Cassandra. I am a transplant from Damascus, Oregon who moved to the Newport area after meeting my husband a few years ago. He is an Alaskan crab fisherman who works on the Kiska Sea. I never thought I would marry a fisherman, but when I did I wanted to meet people in a similar situation who could understand this lifestyle. I knew I found this support system when I found this group of amazing people. I love serving my new community which I have already grown to love! 
In my spare time I garden, run a small photography business, keep bees, and hike. 
I am just so happy I found a group of people who have quickly become an honorary family to me.

Jill Phillips

  My name is Jill Phillips. I have been involved with Fishermen’s Wives for just over a year now. My involvement in the fishing industry began in the early 1980’s when I met my husband Glenn. Glenn was born and raised in Cordova Alaska and has been commercial fishing since he was a teenager. He has fished many different fisheries from crabbing in the Bering Sea and crabbing for dungeness off Alaska, Washington and Oregon to long-lining for halibut and cod, seining, drift gillnet fishing as well as running a salmon tender. We have owned a few boats over the years, our current boat is the F/V Nichole Lynn. 

We have two beautiful daughters who were born and raised in in Alaska. I grew up for the most part in Southern Oregon and was thrilled to move back to Oregon after our girls finished school and we became “empty nesters.” I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, beach walks and spending time with family. 

Michelle Law


Hi, my name is Michelle Law, I am a Newport Fishermen’s Wives board member and this will be the third year of taking part and going to meetings.

   I grew up here on the coast not far from Newport on a dairy farm, my dad shipped his milk to Tillamook and was the last Dairy Farm here in Lincoln County for a lot of years. I spent a lot of my time so I was sheltered until I hit my teenage years. Growing up in this area and working different jobs I got to know a lot of the fishermen up and down the coast, I have always had an interest in the fishing industry and the community.

    My first interest in NFW’s was 11 years ago when my husband and I got together and he took me to watch the survival suit races and the Blessing of the Fleet. I watched all the wives take such great pride in volunteering and it made me want to be a part of this great organization. A few years later I started volunteering for the Blessing of the Fleet and Fishermen’s Appreciation Day. I was still very busy at this time in our life with our daughter, son, full time job and my husband fishing out of town 7 months of the year. I’ve always wanted to be more involved and I’m so happy that I’m finally able to.

    My husband and I are owners of the F/V Lady Law. My husband grew up in the fishing industry and has salt in his blood, he spends a lot of his time on the ocean. I try to take a few fishing trips with him throughout the year ever since we’ve been together, I get seasick some of the time but I still seem to want to be out there, with him, knowing what it’s like to be out at sea. Our son is young but spends a lot of his time on the boat helping his dad, I see our son’s interest in the fishing industry and his passion to be involved.

   When I fell in love with my husband I fell in love with the fishing industry and NFW’s. I feel proud to be involved in such an amazing organization!





My Name is Kelley Retherford

I am a board member of Newport Fishermen’s Wives and have been involved off and on since the late 80’s early 90’s, taking breaks during some of life’s most fullest moments.  I have been able to come along side and be a part of many great woman over the years, thru this organization. 

My husband Michael and I have been married for 36 year.  We have 4 grown children, 7 grand kids with 2 grand babies on their way.  Actually one any day now.   All 4 grown children are married to amazing spouses and active in in the fishing industry and family businesses.

Our family’s own and operates 4 fishing vessels out of Newport, Oregon, the Excalibur, Winona J, and Mandy J along with our 2 older boys & their wives who own the F/V Coast Pride.

My job is hard to title, some days I am a wife, some days a mother or grandmother and some days a professional business woman.  I take great pride running a family business, the paperwork & financial side of thing, including all the multiple tasks in-between. Each job I do with great joy!

 I am also a long time member of Toledo Four Square Church and have had the privilege to lead women in group bible studies for the last 18 plus years.  This too has been a beautiful experience. 

Another opportunity that I have had was to be a voice for woman on the TV show Deadliest Catch-Dungeon Cove filmed out of Newport in 2016.  As women or fishermen’s wives we are not always able to be real with our emotions, because we have so many reason we have to be strong.  A lot of these emotions even those closest to us, don’t understand.   But emotion are real and fears invade our thoughts.  With that said, there is also a love for the sea, not just in our husbands but that also runs thru us as wives, That love pushes out those concerns, fears and anxieties.  As we await our families return.  There is a beauty beyond the Newport Bridge.  It is the vessels upon the open sea, tossed to and fro and then finally home.

  Our lives have revolved around the fishing community & industry for over 38 years.  My heart is to leave a legacy and a foot print within this great community & industry, not just for my children and their generations, but for all future generations.  We all play a part when it comes to the sea from preservation to harvesting, from promoting to protecting, from celebrating to sometimes mourning the loss that comes with this great privilege.   What an honor it has been to carry the title that comes with being a fishermen’s wife and being able to watch our family grow to respect and love the sea and the harvest there of.    

Tia Retherford



    My name is Tia Retherford. I am the daughter of Steve and LaDonna Beard. My dad is the captain of the F/V Golden Pisces. He fishes out of Alaska. I am Married to y high school sweetheart, Mikey Retherford Jr. We co-own two fishing vessels out of Newport, Oregon. The F/V Winona J and the F/V Mandy J. Our vessels , Shrimp, Trawl, and Crab. My husband is the captain of the Winona J. I volunteer on Newport Fishermen's Wives, Toledo High School Boosters, coach softball and help with the youth at my church. I am very passionate about my community and try to help anywhere I can. I help in the office of our business doing payroll for our boats. Mikey and I have 3 beautiful children. Mikayla, Ashton and Faith. We love traveling, sports, snowboarding, camping, wakeboarding, hunting and hanging out with our friends. We work hard and play hard.

Tracy Bohne


Hello. My name is Tracy Lynn Bohne. I have been involved with the Newport Fisherman’s Wives since November 2016.

I became actively involved with the NFW to support my local friends and families that are fishermen and/or boat owners. Some members of my family continue to be involved in the fishing industry out of SW Florida for over 40 years.

I was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Oregon in 1996 to further my education at Western Oregon University. I have since been a resident of Lincoln County since 2013.

I have been working with teenagers and their families to assist them with enriching their lives for over 26 years. It is amazing to watch the teenagers in the community grow and become awesome young adults whom are making positive changes for our communities and for themselves. My passions are traveling, camping, photography, music, dance, hiking, cooking, and trying new things.

My immediate family consists of my niece Sydney and my sister-in-law Sherry (Chicago), and my God son Diego and his sister Shyanne and her beautiful daughter Gracie (Keizer). They are all my pride and joy.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of the NFW organization and getting to know the women and their families. I have seen and personally experienced some of the wonderful things this organization has done for the community, for our Oregon Fishermen, and their families. I look forward to continuing this journey and being a part of the great changes and impacts that they are making in the Newport community.


Jillian Flatt

    My entire life I have been intrigued by and had a heart for the coastal life. I grew up in the valley and as it is for many, visiting Newport and surrounding areas was exciting and somewhat magical. I love the history of the city and it's community. It wasn't until I moved here a little over 2 years ago that I really developed a overwhelming respect for the entire fishing community.

My fiancé is a commercial fisherman and fishes locally as well as in Alaska. Being apart of this unique and rewarding lifestyle begins to change a person. The respect I have developed during this time has created an overwhelming sense of pride for what these men, women and community members bring to the table and stand for.

Over the years I have enjoyed such amazing experiences as a tourist and a lover of the coast that I am excited to be able to give back and serve and support the community I am now apart of. ❤️





  My name is Casey Foss.
I am originally from Waldport but currently reside in Toledo. I was introduced to the fishing community when I met my husband Bryan Foss, who is the Skipper of the F.V. Patriot. After attending a fisherman's wives meeting, I was intrigued with all of the positive things they do for our community and knew I wanted to be a part of it! We have two beautiful girls Ellie & Emily. I am an eyelash extension artist, who loves working out, CrossFit is my thing! I am also on the board of the SET baseball and softball organization. I volunteer, I coach, I love being a mom and I am a proud wife.

Karalee Greenwald

   Hello! My name is Karalee Greenwald and I am currently the secretary of Newport Fishermen's Wives. I have been involved the past couple of years in the organization and am proud to be a member of such a positive, strong and active group of women.

   I am the wife ofa skipper/deckhand and proud mother of three beautiful children. I also manage the office for my family's local plumbing company and am preparing to eventually take over for my parents so they are able to retire. I was born and raised in Lincoln County, Moved away for college and returned here to raise my children in the small, loving community that I cherished as a child.

   My connection to the commercial fishing industry has been strong my entire life as I have always had close family members that were fishermen in Alaska. When I first met my future husband while in high school, over 16 years ago, he was in port between Albacore Tuna trips and that began my adventure as a "Fishermen's Wife". We have experienced many ups and downs of the industry in the multiple fisheries offered off the Oregon/WA/CA coasts and the changes focusing on sustainable fisheries to help preserve and promote our oceaans and livelihoods. We take great pride in our lifestyle, fishing is a way of life for us not just a career. My boys want to grow up to be just like their father and started doing gear work on the boats as soon as they could walk. 

   I am thankful for the path paved for us by the early members of Fishermen's Wives, they have left a legacy to be admired and brought together a community of women that often are managing their households and families alone while their husbands risk their lives on a daily basis to provide for them. There is such a high level of respect and appreciation that we carryfor each other and our individual strengths, that is becoming rare in our society and I'm very honored to be a part of it, I'm proud to look up to and call these women my friends.



Jennifer Stevenson



     Ever since my birth, Newport Fishermen's Wives has always been a part of my life. I was born into a fishing family. My parents Larry and Jean Scock welcomed me into this world. Jennifer Marie, after a fun night of celebrating and dancing at the Newport Fishermen's Wives ball. My father awarded fisherman of the year. My mother went into labor with me four hours later. My family lived in both Newport and San Francisco depending on the fishery and what boat my father was running. Like most fishing families, our lives revolved around the boat and it's delivery schedule. We would load up the car and travel to whatever port in Oregon or Washington to meet my father. I was a proud "Fisherman Kid".

    My parents worked hard to purchase their first fishing boat, the F/V Gambit and then later the F/V Pioneer, both shrimpers, Trawlers. My father died at the age of 52 in 1995, when I was just 13. It was a huge loss for our family and we were adrift in the industry. My mother sold the boats and remarried Ken McKay,who is a self employed specialized diesel mechanic and works within the commercial fishing industry.

    I met my husband Jon Stevenson after highschool, and after we married we moved to Portland and livedthere for ten years. I worked as a nurse and and Jon in Aviation and we were blessed with three wonderful children. I thought my past fishing life was over, but how wrong I was. My husband was looking for a new work oppertunity outside of aviation and was persuaded by my step-dad to try  "fishing" it was a good match and my husband started his career on the F/V Last Straw, with Brett Hearne who happened to have started his fishing career with my late father.

    After we moved back to Newport, I knew that the one thing that now as a fishermen's wife that I needed to do and that was to join Newport Fishermen's Wives. It was a great way to get reacquainted with the fishing community. I was proud to be in the organization that my mother and close friends were a part of. It's an honor to serve as President, eespecially during the #SaveTheHelo campaign and what an amazing journey fishing has provided me and I humbly look forward to serving in the future.

    Currently my husband is the captain of the F/V Tauny Ann and I am working at Servco Pacific Insurance.


Kaety Jacobson

Kaety Jacobson grew up in a commercial fishing family in Newport, Oregon. Her dad was both a commercial fishermen and a marine extension agent for Oregon Sea Grant. Kaety followed in her father’s footsteps by also becoming a marine extension agent with Oregon Sea Grant, where she worked for 16 years helping the commercial fishing community on issues such as safety and collaborative research. She also developed several seafood education programs for the public. In 2018, Kaety left  her position with Oregon Sea Grant and became a Lincoln County Commissioner where she continues to be a resource for the commercial fishing industry.  Kaety has been a member of Newport Fishermen’s wives for over 15 years and served as President for 3 years.  Her mother, Robin Jacobson, was also a member of Newport Fishermen's Wives for many years. 



DeeAnne Barnhart


   My name is DeeAnne Barnhart. i am the wife of Clayton Barnhart II, he co-captains the Raven out of Newport, Oregon. He fishes out of Alaska and off of our own coast. I am the first in my family to be a part of the fishing community. I have been a part of the fishing industry for 13 years. I love volunteering and helping out in our community. I work at the Toledo Elementary school, I co-coach Toledo Lady Boomers JV Basketball, I have helped with our youth at our church. I have volunteered coaching many of our youth sports programs. I have 4 amazing children Tana'ya Barnhart, Clayton Barnhart III, Shaylee Barnhart and Ali Barnhart. Our family loves sports, hunting, fishing, camping and spending quality time with friends and family.

Noelle  Yochum


My name is Noelle Yochum and I am a board member of Newport Fishermen's Wives (NFW). I first got involved with NFW as a volunteer at the Wild Seafood Weekend event in 011. I was drawn to the mission of the organization and the amazing women in the group. Shortly after, I became a board member and have had the opportunity to serve as such since.

    I am a fisheries scientist, currently working on a project with the Oregon Dungeness crab fishery. This work has been a collaborative effort with Newport fishermen, which increased the quality of the work and my experience. As someone who is dedicated to working on issues that promote fisheries sustainability, working collaboratively is critical as is understanding the fishing community. By being involved with NFW, I have had the fortunate opportunity to get to know the community in Newport and to understand better what it means to be a fishing family.

    I have had the opportunity to work with a number of different fisheries, including the gill netting in Mexico. Sea Scallop dredging on the East Coast of the U.S., hook-and-line and pot fishing for groundfish in California, bottom trawling in Alaska, and nearshore trawling and Dungeness crab fishing in Oregon. Through each of these experiences for conducting collaborative fisheries research has grown. I am grateful to be able to continue this work in Oregon, with fishermen who are so knowledgeable and forward thinking.

    I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work in Newport and to be a part of Newport Fishermen's Wives. This organization does wonderful things for the community and for Oregon fishermen. I am proud to be a part of their efforts and am grateful for the time I have gotten to know these amazing women and their families.



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