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To request Newport Fishermen's Wives for a speaking engagement please send your request to

Public Speaking Committee Members

Cari Brandberg
Taunette Dixon
Tracy Bohne


NFW's 2017
Jennifer Stevenson, NFW's President
Taunette Dixon, NFW's Vice President
Karalee Greenawald, NFW's Treasurer
Tina McAlpine, Secretary
Tia Retherford, NFW's Board member
Michelle Law, NFW's Board member
Cari Brandberg, NFW's Board Member
Lalori Lager, NFW's Board Member
Kalli Dixon, Board Member
Connie Kennedy, Board Member
Melinda Taylor, NFW's Member
Sara Skamser, NFW's Board Member
Kelley Retherford, Board Member
Jillian Hibbs, Board Member
Amber Taunton, Member
Tracy Bohne, Member
NFW's Member DeeAnne Barnhart
Noelle Yochum
Newport Fishermen's Wives Board 2016
Save The Helo
NFW's group 2016
NFW's Group
Portland Seafood and Wine 2017
Portland Seafood and Wine 2015
Sara Skamser Honored
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