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Taunette Dixon

PR/Social Media/Communications


My name is Taunette Dixon and I manage most aspects of NFW’s social media, community communications, media, website and if you call us I am most likely who you will talk to, but not always. My roles have been changing over the last few years with the huge influx of dynamic women that have joined the group. We have added more programs, events and fundraisers, all led by women that want to better their community and industry while forming lasting bonds with each other. The women in this group are now like family to me and I suggest to anyone trying to navigate the difficulties of being in a fishing family or want to volunteer your time in the community  to try this group, we welcome all. 


My first involvement in NFW's was when I was first married in the early 90's, I had two small children and a husband that was fishing in Alaska for at least 9 1/2 months out of the year. I had very little spare time on my hands so I started small by just helping NFW's infrequently at functions like local fishermen's funerals, bringing and helping to serve food as a support to the families. That small deed took on a whole new meaning to me when my grandfather passed and NFW's came in and helped my family during his memorial, that helping hand meant so much to my family and I. Later as my children got older I started going to meetings and eventually I became a board member. After I became an empty nester I found myself with the time and ability to commit a larger role to the group. I truly love this group, the women in it and the community that we serve.


I come from a four generational fishing family, as does my husband. We have deep roots in this community, the community outreach aspect of this group is what drew me in. My favorite program and involvement in this amazing group has been administering The Clifford and Dorothy Hall Scholarship Fund, this is a fund that I started and was named for my Grandparents. Scholarships are given out through Newport Fishermen's Wives to students with direct family members in the fishing industry in Lincoln County and Unalaska, both communities that my grandparents and the rest of our family have fished out of, called home and we have had children utilize each school district. My Grandparents were by far my best tutors in the importance of community service. NFW's started creating a calendar and all proceeds from that calendar go directly into the scholarship fund


My husband Kevin Dixon still fishes out of Alaska running the "F/V Seeker" but happily not nearly as much. We recently lost the boat we owned "F/V Corsair" to the sea, this boat had been in his family for over 40 years. After almost two years of searching we finally bought a replacement boat, the "F/V Tauny Ann" and we love her. My son Kaino is a talented welder and graphic designer but the call of the sea runs deep in his blood so he is currently also fishing with his father. As my daughter Kalli is getting older, she is also becoming more involved with NFW's.


Our community is a better place thanks to groups like Newport Fishermen's Wives and I'm super proud to be a small part of it.